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Prohibitions for OG affiliates

There are prohibitions for affiliates in OG affiliates.
Before making a decision, Please check the following details once.

Use the casino name for domain

This also applies to making pages that look like official casino.
It ’s just an affiliate so we prohibit any affiliates who act in a way that is almost illegal, such as doing something close to fraudulently mixed with official website.

Affiliate URL is posted on bulletin boards

Affiliates must be owned by the person who registered the account, whether the medium.
OG affiliates prohibit affiliates from places other than the owner account , such as bulletin boards that many people see. (Twitter, FaceBook, personal blog, etc. are possible)

Log in the casino website directly with the email

In the same way as the title, we will prohibit you from mixing with the official website. However, it does not mean that affiliates are prohibited by email, so you can put the affiliate URL with a regular email and use it.


OG affiliate is prohibited from spamming. When you make an affiliate with an e-mail, it means sending it over and over again in a day.
In the case of blogs and SNS, it is a prohibited act to develop if the content is prohibited. (for example, a service that prohibits affiliates)
OG Affiliate will not allow you to undermine the honor of your company or our affiliated casinos.

Hype or deceptive description

No hype or lying is prohibited.
Encourage players to play with the correct information.


OG Affiliate prohibits self-affiliation other than affiliates specifically authorized by the program.

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