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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate registration
I registered but cannot log in.

First of all, you need to apply by your e-mail address and password from the new registration page in order to register then the registration is complete. After that an automatic email for authentication will be sent to the email address you used foe applying.
Click the URL for authentication in the automatic email to complete the authentication and log in.

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I have not received the verification email for my email address.

The automatic email for certifying the registered email address usually be sent within a few minutes after registration but if you do not receive it, first check whether it has probably arrived in the junk mail folder.

If you do not receive it within a few hours after registration, please contact the support team.

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I have completed authentication but cannot log in.

If you cannot log in, the following causes are possible.

  • Wrong email address
  • Wrong password
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet are incorrect
  • Half-width space is included

It is possible that the above cannot be logged in.

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I forget my login password.

If you have forgotten your password, please enter your registered email address from the “Password Request Page” below and request your password.

Password request page

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About OG Affiliates
What kind of service is OG Affiliate?

OG Affiliate is an ASP (Affiliate Service Provider) specializing in online gaming.

By registering as an OG affiliate, you can make an affiliate of an online gaming site (online casino, online mahjong, etc.).

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Please tell me more about online casino affiliates.

An online casino, as the name implies, is a casino that you can participate on the Internet.

Regarding online casinos that you can introduce affiliates with OG affiliate,
Limited to casino services that are legally operated by the operating institution with a formal government permit.

Overseas, it is a major entertainment with online casinos sponsoring professional soccer teams and online casino companies being listed.

Moreover, many online casinos also offer games and support in English.
We carefully select such online casinos and have an original contract.

Therefore, OG affiliate’s online casino affiliate is characterized by “safety” and “easy to introduce”.

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How are online casino affiliate rewards earned?

Like ordinary affiliates paying. A dollar for one registration when purchasing a product unlike a dollar which occurs for one registration or one purchase like online gaming and online In the case of casinos but this is a “renewal type” affiliate fee in which one user receives an affiliate fee from the amount used for the target website.

Attract players ⇒ Players play in casino ⇒ Earn XX% of casino sales as a reward

The biggest advantage of online casino affiliates is that the players you attract will get rewards no matter how many times they play.

In other words, as long as the user (player) you introduced once continues to play on the online gaming site, affiliate rewards will be generated.

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Is there a time limit for affiliate linking?

The reward from the user introduced once will be continued and will be raised as your affiliation reward.

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Are there 2 tiers for OG affiliates?

After logging into 2 Tier Link, we have prepared a page for link acquisition so you can acquire a link from that page and introduce 2 Tier.

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What is 2 Tier?

The 2 Tier system is a system in which each time your introducer (child) receives an affiliate reward, you are also paid a few percent of the child’s reward as a special reward.

2 Tier occurs not only the first time or for a certain period but also each time a child affiliate receives an affiliation reward.

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Can I quote from the program details page or landing page?

Of course, there is no problem with quoting from banners and websites prepared by OG affiliate.
Please be sure to obtain permission from the quoting source when quoting from other affiliate or third party sites.

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Can I affiliate with Twitter?

You can also invite them from Twitter and SNS so please do introduce them.

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Is it possible to carry out affiliation with a mobile phone or smartphone?

Yes it is. OG Affiliate can also be used as mobile affiliates that support smartphones.
Mobile guidance is also possible, so please introduce us to affiliate who are good at mobile affiliates.

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Does the online casino support English?

All the services currently supported by OG Affiliate and it would be perfect if you do understand English for playing.

Also, please be assured that each casino also has a support system in English.

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The number of new subscribers is not reflected in the report.

There is a phenomenon that the number of new registrants in the report is not counted even though the affiliate site directly introduced the gaming site to friends and acquaintances and made a new registration via the affiliate link of the affiliate.

In that case, the following problems can be considered.

1. If a friend / acquaintance is newly registered and the cookie of the Internet browser of the personal computer is not enabled
* What are cookies? (External site) ⇒

2. When you access the gaming site via the affiliate tag, but delete the Internet history before you make a new registration and the affiliate link cookie is deleted.

3. When the access point of the affiliate tag is skipped to the official page and you register after the expiration date of the cookie on the official site.
* The expiration date of cookies on the official website of the casino program is set individually for each casino program.
* For landing pages, the affiliate link cookie is valid until the Internet history is deleted so there is no limit unless it is overwritten by another cookie.

4. If you go through an affiliate tag of an affiliate but then click another affiliate tag to register (the cookie will be overwritten and another person will be rewarded. Certainly, the opposite case is also possible)

5. When posting an affiliate tag on an affiliate medium if the posting method is wrong and the affiliate link cannot be measured normally.

In the above cases, even if you create an account but you will not be eligible for affiliate rewards. Thank you for your understanding.

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About Rewards
When is the affiliate fee paid?

Affiliate fee will be paid 5 days after the end of the month.

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What is the minimum amount of affiliate fee available?

Affiliate rewards start at $ 100 (USD).
If it is less than 100 dollars (USD), it will be paid from the next month, the reward has reached 100 dollars (USD), and payment will be made after confirming the withdrawal application by ticket or email.

Regarding payment, regardless of the amount of remuneration, we will deduct $ 5 (USD) as a transfer fee when making a transfer.

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How are affiliate fees paid?

The designated account for receiving affiliate rewards at OG affiliate currently supports “bank transfer” and “Bitcoin”, and it is necessary to open an account in order to receive the rewards.

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Can I register my account later?

There is no problem if you open and register an account later.

However, If you receive a certain amount of remuneration and there is no account information on the transfer date, the payment will be made in the next month so OG Affiliate recommends early registration.

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About Media Marketing
Can I use the landing page, OF Affiliate site, or texts for distribution emails and images as affiliate media?

It is prohibited to use the text as it is.

It is forbidden to use the wording such as landing page, OG affiliate site, delivery mail etc. as it is on the affiliate medium of the affiliate.

Not only OG affiliate but the words that are posted on websites, and etc. have copyright. So using it as it is. It is considered as copyright infringement.

Be sure not to use the words as it is but please rewrite the words by the affiliate yourself and use it.

If you really want to use it, please write down the post from [OG Affiliate], [reprint from OG Affiliate] etc.

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Is it possible to place an advertisement on a free blog service that has a prohibited tag?

Normally, it cannot be posted. Since OG affiliate mainly uses script tags or banner tags such as images may not be installed.
If the script tag is set as a prohibited tag, Please try once by the following method. Depending on each blog service and it may be possible to avoid it.


Please note that each service such as the free blog has its own specific conditions and terms and of use so we may not be able to support it with the OG affiliate.

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Is it possible to make an affiliate without a complete affiliate medium?

OG affiliate can start affiliate even if the site is not completed.
With regard to the gaming sites provided by OG affiliate, Affiliate sites can be affiliated even if it is not completed as affiliate media.

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About Unsubscribe
How to unsubscribe?

To cancel an OG affiliate, please contact the support team using the dedicated form.

For unpaid remuneration upon closing, sales will be closed in the month in which the withdrawal process was performed, and payment will be made on the 5th day of the following month based on the terms of use.
However, please note that the bonus affiliate reward given by the OG affiliate when registering as an affiliate does not fall under this as stated in the Terms of Use.

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