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About OG Affiliate

The introduction of casino games that can be played for free turns into a “web income” that lasts a lifetime.
Let’s start “Gaming Affiliate” now.

When a user registers through your referral and plays on the gaming site, you will receive an ongoing affiliate commission from the sales generated by the gaming site.

System of Gaming Affiliate

Do we get only once Affiliate fee?

OG affiliate is “gaming affiliate” that introduces online game, different from the existing affiliate program.

Previously, you would only recieve one-time commission by exisiting affiliates. But as a gaming affiliate provided by OG Affiliates, you can recieve lifetime commissions that will last a lifetime as “web income” by introducing casino games and online poker that can be played by free.

Let’s start new “Gaming Affiliate” to receive “web income” with lasting a lifetime.

What is “gaming affiliates”

“Gaming” is a general term for casino games, online poker, sports betting bookmakers, mahjong, horse racing, and other gambling games that are gradually gaining popularity in Japan. Affiliates who introduce these types of online games are called “gaming affiliates”.

OG Affiliates introduces only the best gaming sites from overseas that are fully compatible with Japanese language to Japanese affiliates under special favorable conditions only available to OG Affiliates.

Can gaming affiliates receive a continuous income?

Affiliates are already widespread in Japan, but Gaming Affiliates has introduced the Lifetime Commission system, which is completely different from conventional affiliates.

The conventional way to become an affiliate is to post affiliate banners and other advertisements on your website, blog, email newsletter, or other media.And the basic idea is to get paid only once when a conversion such as a product sale or a free registration occurred from the access from there.

This is an affiliate program that has spread with the idea that anyone can easily earn advertising income using their own blogs, etc.  But the reality is that it is very difficult to keep getting paid unless you could keep getting new access to your site.

However, gaming affiliates are different.
As a gaming affiliate, the more users who sign up through referrals from your media and play on the gaming site, the longer you will continue to receive affiliate commissions from the sales generated by the gaming site.

1. You use your website to get your customers
2. Your customers play on gaming sites
3. Commission is generated from the sales of the gaming site.

Life-long affiliate commissions, that is “Lifetime Commissions”

In other countries where gaming affiliates are popular, there have been cases of young people as young as 20 years old earning tens of millions of yen a year. This is also possible because of the “Lifetime Commission” system, which generates a continuous income from a single introduction.

Of course, each gaming site has a wide variety of free games as well as paid games, and registration is free, so all you have to do is introduce the free registration of the gaming site. This affiliate is very easy, but there is a chance to earn a lifetime of “web income”.

on providing
online casino affiliates

Among the many gaming sites, online casinos have had a stable popularity for many years and have a solid track record of paying affiliate commissions to many affiliates to date.
At OG Affiliates, we focus on providing affiliate programs for the best online casinos that offer the most secure affiliate activities and are the most popular among users.

You can play anytime, anywhere
wherever the internet is connected.

You can play updated online casinos anytime, anywhere, 365days, 24hours wherever the internet is connected.

You can be safe to play due to the decent third-party authority

Online casinos may sound suspicious, but they are not.

Each online casino is located in a country where online casinos are legal and operates legally with a permit issued directly from the government of the country.There is a very strict screening process to obtain a license, and unlike people thought, online casinos are a very clean industry with no mafia or gangs.

Easy to earn money compared with other gamblings

Online casinos are the games with the highest payout ratio.
The “payout percentage” is “Probability of winning”, the percentage of the player’s wager that is returned as winnings in gamblings.
Usually, horse racing is said to be 70% of it and lotto 40% of it, but online casinos are exceptional, with 96% to 97% of it.

When using 10,000JPY
Online casino
Horse racing
Pachinko (Japanese pinball)
Payout ratio
97 USD Refund
Payout ratio
40 USD Refund
Payout ratio
70 USD Refund
Payout ratio
80 USD Refund

Some games have a payout ratio of almost 99% at online casinos.
If you see this, you will realize how unprofitable and unreturnable gambling such as lotteries and horse races are.

Online casinos are able to achieve such high payout rates by completing their services online without having a store.Because of this high payout ratio, users can experience a high probability of winning just by playing casino games, which leads to a high repeat rate.

Is it leagal to play online casinos?

It is no problem, because……

As you can see, online casinos are a sound service that is licensed by government agencies.We guess the thing you worry the most is whether it is illegal to play online casinos in Japan. But no need to worry.

Why it is safe to play online casinos

As you know, gambling is prohibited by Japanese law.
The problem is whether online casinos are gambling. Japan’s gambling laws require that both the gambling provider and the player be illegal.
In the case of online casinos, there are no laws that apply to this, as the provider is operating legally completely.
In other words, it is unlikely that you will be punished for playing at an online casino that is based and operated overseas.
Since there are no laws regulating it, we cannot say that it’s currently legal completely. But the recent national trend of attracting casinos to Japan makes us guess the legalizing casinos. So the legalization of online casinos may be in near future.

How much can we earn as a gaming affiliate?

See our simulation.

In other words, the more players you attract, the more commissions you will continuously receive. If you are lucky enough to attract rich VIP players who like to play games, it is not impossible to get high commissions at once.

The number of attraction
5 Players
Total Sales
(commission rate 25%))
The number of attraction
8 Players
Total Sales
(commission rate 25%))
The number of attraction
5 Players
Total Sales
(commission rate 25%))